Christina Milian Says She's 'Hooked Up With a Girl' Just for Fun

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Christina Milian is opening up about how she's "hooked up with a girl" in the past.

The "Dip it Low" singer recently appeared on the podcast Allegedly with Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss where she opened up about some steamy past flings.

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"You know, it literally was out of fun," Milian explained. "Like, you're attracted to the person in the moment, and nothing's gonna go past that. It was just fun, in the moment!"

While the 34-year-old singer and reality star made it clear that the erotic encounter with a woman was just a fling, she did admit that she has a type – albeit, a rather broad type.

"Just hot," Milian responded when asked what kind of woman she finds attractive. "Gotta be a hot girl [and] you gotta be cool."

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Milian also addressed her awkward run-in with her friend, model Karrueche Tran, outside a night club in West Hollywood, California earlier this month, where it looked like the two shared a kiss outside.

"It wasn't a kiss! We, like, smashed faces," Milian said of the accidental lip-lock. "We kind of just ended bumping lips and faces. It looks so awkward!"

"I wish it could have looked sexier!" Millian joked. "[Instead] it was so awkward."

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