Yolanda Foster Shares Pic of Daughter Bella Hadid's Lyme Disease Treatment as Her Ex-Husband Speaks Out

Mohamed Hadid gave a statement about his children's health.

Yolanda Foster has faced some backlash from a few of her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars, who claim that she's not been completely truthful about her and her children's battle with Lyme disease.

On Tuesday's RHOBH, Lisa Vanderpump alleged that Foster's ex-husband, Mohamed Hadid, denied "any of his children" suffer from the illness, even though Foster has said Bella and Anwar Hadid have been diagnosed. After the episode aired, the 67-year-old real estate developer gave a statement to Watch What Happens Live that was read aloud by host Andy Cohen.

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"I do not wish to make public my family's private matters, but I would like to make it clear that I completely and unequivocally support my children and their mother. I can only imagine that my response to a question asking how my kids are doing with 'fine' was misconstrue," Hadid said in a full statement, which was posted to Instagram. "I have too much respect for all five of my children to speak about them publicly in a restaurant or otherwise. I will not speak further on something that should now be put to rest."

Meanwhile, Foster posted a photo to Instagram of her lying by her 19-year-old daughter, who appeared to be undergoing treatment for the disease. "Watching my brave babies suffer in silence in order to support me in my journey has struck the deepest core of hopelessness inside of me, it is because of them that I continue to fight relentlessly," the 52-year-old reality star captioned the image. "I will not allow them to live a life of pain and suffering."

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She added, "I will prevail and walk to the end of the earth to find a cure for them and millions of others debilitated by this invisible disease!!!! We all deserve to live a healthy life, don't you think?"

When ET spoke with Foster's other daughter, Gigi Hadid, she was clearly emotional about her family's health battle. "I'm the only one in, of my siblings, my mom and my family that hasn't been affected by Lyme disease," she shared, getting choked up. "It's been really hard for me because I'm the only one that doesn't really understand it."

Here's more of ET's emotional interview with the 20-year-old model: