Heather McDonald Says She's Lost 5 Pounds From Being 'Nervous and Upset' Over Chelsea Handler Feud

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Heather McDonald finds it "shocking" that her comments made about Chelsea Handler have received so much attention.

ET spoke with the comedian at the Hollywood premiere of Fifty Shades of Black on Tuesday, and she admitted that she's been physically affected by the headlines revolving around her tumultuous relationship with Handler when they were both  on Chelsea Lately. "It's very surreal, and I lost five pounds! That was the good news," she shared, adding that she's been so "nervous and upset."

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Earlier this month, McDonald said on Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss' podcast, Allegedly, that she "100 percent lived in fear" while working on the late-night show. "I think she's a good person, I don't agree with how she treats relationships in her life," she said. "She makes you feel so special, until you're not."

After those remarks, Handler went on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show and claimed McDonald had been "trading stories to Us Weekly" about her personal life in exchange for having her photos run in the magazine. "I could have fired her," the 40-year-old entertainer said.

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"That just never happened," McDonald told ET of the claims. "It was a devastating accusation to try to defend after [she was] on Howard Stern. I didn't really have the platform, and I didn't want people to think I was pursuing publicity. So, I just had to say, 'Hey, I didn't do it. This is not true.'"

The 45-year-old said she sees the reports about her and Handler as karma for all the people they spoke about on the E! show. "It was a headline. Like, one sentence taken out of an hour-long interview," she said of her comments made on the podcast. "That being said, when I was on Chelsea Lately, we would do topics that were oftentimes one sentence out of a four-page article."

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McDonald added that she has no intention of speaking with Handler, but doesn't have any ill will towards her. "I think it will be OK. I just think it'll be OK, and I think she has a lot to promote," she said, referring to Handler's numerous projects, including a Netflix documentary and a stand-up special. "And I'm sure the documentary is doing great."

Handler also had a message for the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, who were frequently the subject of jokes on Chelsea Lately. "I see those girls all the time," she told ET. "So they either have to get over it or not."

Reporting by Denny Directo

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