EXCLUSIVE: Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman's Families Tell Dr. Phil 'American Crime Story' Is 'Epitome of Disresp

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While the families of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman have expressed their issues about American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, Dr. Phil tells ET exclusively that he thinks the FX miniseries did an "excellent" job at recounting the O.J. Simpson murder trial from the lawyers' points of view.

Ron Goldman's father, Fred, and sister, Kim, joined Nicole Brown's sister, Tanya Brown, sat down with the talk show host to discuss their concerns about the highly-anticipated true-crime drama. This is the first time the family members have appeared together on the same show at the same time.

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"They're very upset. They're very concerned about this, because nobody involved with the series reached out to anybody involved in the families," Dr. Phil explained. "They're saying, 'How can they do this with any authenticity if nobody's talking to the victims' families? How can they know what was really going on during this time if they're not talking to the families?'"

However, Dr. Phil isn't so against how the story is being told. "It seems to me that [American Crime Story] is done in a very responsible way and I think what they've done is looked at it from standpoint of what went on inside the trial," he said. "What was the inner workings between the trial teams? What was going on in managing the evidence? What was going on in leading into what people think was one of the most outrageous verdicts in American jurisprudence?"

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He added, "So the focus was not on the families, the focus was not on the victims. That doesn't mean that they were disrespected. That was just not the focus of this particular miniseries."

Dr. Phil even thinks show creator Ryan Murphy and his cast and crew did good by the families. "I think they were very sensitive to the way they depicted them," he continued. "I think the reason they didn't consult the families is [that] it was just not the subject matter of what they were doing."

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The talk show also reached out to author Jeffrey Toobin, whose book The Run of His Life: The People vs. O.J. Simpson was the basis for the miniseries, and he defended his representation of the case and the show's depiction of the events. "This is not a story about how the victims were unimportant," he said. "This is a story about how the process didn't give those victims what they deserve."

Nicole Brown's sister, Tanya Brown, feels differently. "This is not drama. Two people brutally chopped up basically," she told Dr. Phil while on his show. "Everyone pretty much saw my sister's body at the bottom of the stairs covered with the white sheet. We all saw that. But [American Crime Story] showed Ron's body and Dr. Phil, when I saw that, I was just like, 'That is the epitome of disrespect.'"

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In speaking with the Browns and Goldmans, Dr. Phil says that even after 21 years, the families are still in "a lot of pain."

"They have never healed a lot of these wounds," he said. "It's still very raw because they've never gotten to a point of justice. They never got to a point satisfaction. [Simpson's] in jail but he's never been held accountable for what he did to their loved ones."

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Tanya Brown also spoke out against the miniseries to ET, saying the story of her sister and Ron Goldman's murder is "not Hollywood."

Dr. Phil's interview
with the families will air on Monday, Feb. 1, a day before the premiere of American Crime Story.