EXCLUSIVE: Chris Pine Shares His Thoughts on Modeling, Says It's 'Not For Me'

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Chris Pine doesn't think he was meant for the modeling world.

While on set filming a commercial for the perfume Chris Pine for Giorgio Armani Code Profumo, The Finest Hours star got candid about why he prefers acting.

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"The world of modeling fascinates me to know [but] is not for me," he revealed. "Because with acting at least you have the barrier of lines and words and a character."

Pine explained that he wasn't comfortable with how models are constantly criticized for their body and how they look and very little else. "Often times, people are just looking about how fat or skinny [a person is]," he said. "I just couldn't deal with it. I don't have thick enough skin quite honestly."

Nonetheless, the 35-year-old actor is happy to be back working with Armani for their newest men's fragrance.

"I love it," he shared. "It's my second or third year with the Armani folks, and I really get along with all of them. I've developed nice, friendly, out-of-business parameters relationships with these people, so I've had a great time."

"I love the creativity of it," he added. "It's a very fast, very quick process."

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