EXCLUSIVE: Brad Pitt Looks Like a Ken Doll on the Set of Upcoming Netflix Drama 'War Machine' -- See the Pics!

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Brad Pitt looked unreal while shooting the upcoming Netflix original film War Machine -- and we mean literally unreal, in that he kind of looked like a doll.

The Big Short star was spotted in Paris, France, rocking gray hair on the set of his upcoming political dramedy, which went a long way towards making him look like a military bigwig, especially when he wore his fatigues.


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The look was a bit more jarring when he was seen jogging around in a t-shirt and short shorts, however. With the slick hair and sporty attire, Pitt looked somewhat like a Ken doll crossed with a G.I. Joe.


We're not sure what Pitt is doing with his mouth, either. It's like he's biting his lip while in the middle of a confused haze.


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In War Machine, Pitt, 52, portrays Gen. Dan McMahon. The character is inspired by Gen. Stanley McChrystal during the final months that he oversaw the U.S. efforts in Afghanistan. McChrystal, 62, was famous for running six or seven miles a day, no matter where in the world he was deployed.

After allowing a Rolling Stone reporter to tag along through a European PR tour, Almost Famous-style, McChrystal eventually resigned after loose-lipped negative comments he and his staff made about the Obama administration were published in the magazine.

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In The Operators, the 2012 book based on that Rolling Stone article, author Michael Hastings recalls that McChrystal's "running fetish had become a staple in every profile about him -- journalists seemed to view it as a measure of his toughness and drive that translated directly into the ability to win a war." (Hastings died in a car accident in 2015.)

War Machine, which is loosely adapted from The Operators, is written and directed by Animal Kingdom creator David Michod and co-stars Topher Grace, Will Poulter, Alan Ruck, Scoot McNaity and Anthony Michael Hall.

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After the critical success of Netflix's first original film, Beasts of No Nation, and Pitt's success with films based on true stories (Moneyball and The Big Short), War Machine could be a good bet for both the star and the streaming service.

War Machine is set to be released on Netflix and in select theaters later this year.

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