Ryan Reynolds Clones Himself, Liam Neeson Returns From the Future in New Super Bowl Ads

Getty Images

The only thing better than one Ryan Reynolds is a world full of Ryan Reynolds.

As the Carolina Panthers get ready to take on the Denver Broncos at the Super Bowl this Sunday, more commercials that will be airing during the big game continue to trickle out, including one that takes place in “Ryanville,” the most distracting place ever.

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The spot, which showcases the 2017 Hyundai Elantra and its Automatic Emergency Braking, revolves around the journey of two women as they drive through a neighborhood where everyone is a hunky Ryan Reynolds -- from the sheriff to the neighborhood dog walker.

Meanwhile, Liam Neeson is starring in a commercial of his own alongside his son, Micheál.

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The action-packed ad features a very serious Liam from the future enlisting the help of his present-day self to bring the LG Signature OLED TV to today’s world.

The commercial feels more like one of his Taken films than an ad, with the 63-year-old actor’s son in the driver’s seat.

As Super Bowl 50 draws closer, Coldplay is prepping to play during the highly anticipated halftime show. To see how the band is preparing, watch the video below.