Helen Mirren's 45-Year-Old Stepson Got Mistaken for Her 71-Year-Old Husband at the SAG Awards

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People mistaking Helen Mirren's stepson for her husband happened multiple times at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday.

Helen brought her stepson, 45-year-old actor Rio Hackford, as her date to this year's SAG Awards, and plenty of people -- including photo agencies -- just assumed he was her husband, 71-year-old director Taylor Hackford. Of course, aside from Helen being a total babe at 70, it also doesn't help that father and son look incredibly similar, right down to the same white facial hair.

Check out Rio and Helen together at the SAG Awards.

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And now here's Helen and Taylor at the 25th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards on Nov. 30.

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... Clearly, the Hackford genes run strong!

ET recently caught up with Helen while she was promoting her new film, Eye in the Sky, and even she acknowledged that there is quite the resemblance.

"They look so alike," the Oscar winner admitted to ET when we asked about her date to the SAG Awards. "Now that Rio's older, he looks exactly like Taylor. It's fantastic."

The ageless British actress -- who landed on our best-dressed list at this year's SAG Awards -- recently joked about her husband when she talked about no longer doing nude scenes.

"That's the good thing about getting older, you don't have to do that sort of thing anymore," Helen told actor Alan Cumming during a CBS interview in September. "My pleasure pillows are purely for my husband."

Last April, her Woman in Gold co-star, Ryan Reynolds, gushed about experiencing the actress' famous allure firsthand. "Everybody who meets her flirts with her," he told Vulture. "I don't care who you are -- guy, girl, fat, skinny, tall, short, gay, straight -- everybody flirts with Helen Mirren."

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ET chatted with Ryan last June, when he once again couldn't stop singing Helen's praises.

"We have really great chemistry. We were like fire and a dry house," Ryan said. "It was evident from the get-go."

Watch below:

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