EXCLUSIVE: Channing Tatum Might Wear His Beyonce Costume on Super Bowl Sunday


The actor spoke with ET about the "untouchable" diva.

Channing Tatum didn't get a personal invite from Beyonce to see her perform at the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday -- but he'll definitely be watching.

The 35-year-old actor spoke with ET's Carly Steele at the Hollywood premiere of his new movie, Hail, Caesar!, and admitted that while it was nice to have her perform with him on Lip Sync Battle, the two aren't that close.

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"We're not down like that with Beyonce," Tatum quipped. "She's so untouchable. It's amazing."

While he might not be backstage with the 34-year-old singer at the Super Bowl, he's open to donning his Queen Bey costume one more time. "[I'll] tweet a picture of me looking like Beyonce, just, like, watching the Super Bowl party," he joked.

Tatum also has a plan for the next time he and Beyonce meet. "If I ever get to meet her again, I have to dress up like her," he said, adding, "Just to make it normal."

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When Tatum showed up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this past week, he revealed how he got Beyonce to join him on the show. "I won't even tell you what I had to do to essentially get her assistant's phone number," Tatum said, admitting that he had never met the diva before she joined him onstage. "I didn't even have the intention of her coming ... I wanted to bring like a cardboard cutout of Beyonce out, just to be funny, and then ultimately I ended up having to meet Beyonce doing Beyonce and that was definitely the most terrifying thing I've ever done."

"She's like Keyser Söze," Tatum said of Beyonce, comparing her to Kevin Spacey's mysterious character from The Usual Suspects. "You know she exists, but you never see her until all of a sudden, you're just like, 'It happened, wait that was her, right?'"