Super Bowl 50: Everything the Casual Football Fan Needs to Know, With ET and NFL Host Kevin Frazier

Here's how to make it through the big game without feeling like an idiot.

So, you're not a die-hard football fan -- but you're a pro at sipping adult beverages in front of the TV on Super Bowl Sunday. You're definitely not alone!

Luckily for us here at ET, we've got NFL GameDay Live host Kevin Frazier in our corner and he's breaking down everything you need to know to make it through the big game without feeling like an idiot.

From where to put your money in the party pool, to key players to watch, and everything in between (cough cough, new music from Beyonce at halftime!), Frazier answered all of our questions and then some. Read on for everything you need to know about Super Bowl 50.

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Kevin says: If you're at a party, you get in a pool, here's the first thing: go with Carolina. Early odds in Vegas say that Carolina will win the game, they are favored by a touchdown, but here's the deal: Cam Newton and crew score points -- a lot of points. Denver struggles to score points, so I really do think that Carolina will win this game big. Don't kill me, Denver fans, but I do believe.

People are forgetting about that Carolina defense, everybody talks about Denver's defense but they've given no respect to that Carolina defense and they do a pretty good job. Yes, Denver has a great group of receivers and it will challenge that defensive backfield for Carolina but don't forget about the Panthers! Luke Kuechly. Josh Norman. There's some players there.


When Carolina has the football, yes, all eyes are on Cam Newton, but there are important components that can change this game and one of them is [Panthers'] Greg Olsen. He is a difference maker and he can make a big difference in this game. If he can get open down the middle -- when people say down the seam, [it means] down the middle -- if he can get open down the middle, that can open up the field.

The other guy that I will be watching very closely is [Panthers] Ted Ginn Jr. People say, 'Why Ted Ginn?' Because he might be the fastest man on the football field. He is lightning fast and he can stretch the defense. And if he can stretch the Broncos defense and make a couple important catches, then that opens up the running game and the complexion of this game. And if Ted Ginn gets behind you, he gone. You won't catch him.

At the end of the day, we are watching the end of greatness. For so many years I've had a chance to watch [Broncos'] Peyton Manning and see what he has done and what he's accomplished in the NFL. He's one of those once-in-a-generation quarterbacks. He has been fantastic and I think Cam is the next once-in-a-generation quarterback, but we have to enjoy and kinda soak in Peyton for this moment because, after this, I believe he'll be gone. Peyton, I hope you’re gone - I mean, no disrespect, but it's time to go. We appreciate you, you're going to the Hall of Fame, you're one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, but you don't want to see guys play past their time. That's why it's so great to have him in the Super Bowl and I really do hope he has a good game.

By the way, there is one player that you do know -- you know him well -- his name is Michael Oher. He is a lineman for the Carolina Panthers, he was picked up by the team. Now, the reason why that name should ring a bell is because of
The Blind Side. There's another Hollywood connection and ending to this story to this game if the Panthers go out and win it.

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There are a lot of bets saying, "What will be Coldplay's first song?" I think that it will be “Adventure of a Lifetime,” because I think it's a great song to start with. It's fun, it can get the crowd going, and it'll be a great way to introduce Coldplay. Then, I think they'll go into the new cut with Beyonce, “Hymn for the Weekend.” Beyonce pops up, boom! And then after Beyonce -- she'll do a new song from her new album, which I think she'll drop, if not Super Bowl night, in the coming week after the Super Bowl. Then, Bruno Mars does "Uptown Funk," everybody jumps around with him. I do believe Coldplay will close with "Speed of Sound." Perfect song to close with.

A lot of people wondering, "What will Beyonce wear?" I'm going to believe, because they just shot the music video in Mumbai, Bollywood theme, I think she will go with some kind of Indian flavor.

Another thing people are wondering, "Will Jay Z join on stage?" I don't think so. I know that Chris Martin and Jay Z and Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow are all good friends, very tight group even though Chris and Gwyneth decided to consciously uncouple, they are still tight with Jay Z and Beyonce. I think that Jay will stay up and watch with Blue Ivy from the box.

I do believe that maybe they'll add one other surprise performer, but Beyonce will be there. You don't need a lot of special guests when you've got Beyonce! Look, if they want to flashback -- a lot of people have said that they need to bring in a throwback guest, somebody to help you flashback through the 50 years -- like Missy Elliot or even further back, the halftime show went from bands to Gloria Estefan and then Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Prince, there have been a lot of great moments and there are artists that they could throw back to. Someone could pop and maybe they will help Bruno Mars with "Uptown Funk" or they will sing Beyonce's new song, but I guarantee you, I'm willing to bet Beyonce will play a new song.

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The best part -- there are two times in a game in a Super bowl when you kinda get chills and the hair stands up on your arms -- that's when the teams come running out on to the field, and then when the performers are loading and getting ready for their halftime show. The nerves -- it's almost like the air gets thick, people are so nervous, but it is amazing. Also, when it's over, to watch the adulation that you see. It's cool to see how excited everyone is afterwards.

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