Rebel Wilson Offers Hysterical and Valuable Dating Advice to 'The Bachelor' Women!

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Rebel Wilson is calling out the women of The Bachelor -- and we love her for it!

Rebel Wilson
is calling out the women of The Bachelor -- and we love her for it!

While promoting the Valentine's Day comedy, How to Be Single, Wilson stopped by Good Morning America on Wednesday to share some hysterical tips for falling in love.

"I have some rules," Wilson said of her own dating life. "Don't date a guy who is dating other women at the same time."

The big-screen star quipped, "I think the girls of The Bachelor should maybe take on that rule." Oh, snap!

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Wilson later had some quick-witted words of wisdom to Ben Higgins' army of love-questing ladies.

After watching a clip of this season's villain, Olivia, give a tear-filled speech about how much she hates her "cankles," Wilson offered up her hilarious perspective: "I don't think those were cankles," she said. "They look like sturdy ankles to me, like 'stankles,' which is actually a prize trade in Hungarian society."

Wilson noted that the 23-year-old news anchor should be less concerned with the size of her ankles, and more focused on her building up her self-esteem.

"I think with this lady, she just needs to be confident in her own skin," the comedic actress explained. "Because when you're happy with you, you're probably going to attract the right partner into your life."

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As for The Bachelor's identical twins, Emily and Haley, Wilson's biggest concern is with the job titles ABC has listed for them. "OK, I think she needs a better occupation than 'Twin,'" she said. "That would be my No. 1 tip."

The Pitch Perfect star added that the two twins should have never entered the dating competition in the first place.

"A good rule to think about is that when it comes to guys, never compete with your own sister, or your mom, or your grandma," she spilled. "It's just not cool. Whoever saw the guy first gets dibs on him."

For more of Wilson's best dating tips, catch How to Be Single when it hits theaters on Friday, Feb. 12.