Kim Kardashian Gushes Over Son 'Sainty' in Livestream

Saint West just had to say what was on his mind!

We may not have caught a glimpse of Saint West yet, but he is definitely making himself known.

Kim Kardashian was in the middle of announcing that she was back to filming for Keeping Up With The Kardashians during a livestream from her app on Friday, when her 2-month-old son, Saint, caught her eye.

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Saint's addition to the livestream showed the kind of knack for timing that daddy Kanye West would be proud of.

"Hi, my boy," the 35-year-old reality star said, glancing off camera to coo. A moment later she explains, "My boy is watching me." 

Kardashian then calls her son "Sainty", to which he responded with an adorable happy gurgle.

"He's so cute, you guys. You have no idea," Kardashian told her fans. 

We'll have to take her word for it, considering how closely she and West are guarding pictures of the newest addition to their empire-in-the-making.

So far, the only photo publicly released is this cute Instagram of baby Saint grasping the hand of his big sister, North West.

Also present yet not seen in the livestreaming was Kardashian's media-shy brother Rob Kardashian. After some time away from the spotlight, he's been back in the news due to his new relationship with model Blac Chyna and as well as an increased presence on social media.

During the chat, Kardashian said she had not planned to return to KUWTK for another month but decided to return early to bring fans along on her journey to lose the post-baby weight.

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"I've showed everything up until practically my delivery, so why not show the whole process of me losing weight and feeling a little bit more like myself?" Kardashian asked.

Learn more about the mother-of-two's weight loss journey in the video below.