9 Gifs That Perfectly Sum Up Super Bowl 50

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These gifs perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Sunday's big game.

Super Bowl 50 is over. The fans have cleared out of Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California and viewers have turned off their televisions to go to sleep (or cry themselves to sleep in the corner, depending on who they were rooting for).

The most hilarious, bada** and awkward moments of the big game have been saved forever by Giphy.com.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many can you get for a gif? What's the conversation rate with those? Well, either way, here are nine gifs from Super Bowl 50 that really sum up the experience of watching the big game.

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1. Lady Gaga Sparkles Like a Firework


2. Hines Ward Hitting Himself in the Face With a T-Shirt


3. This Cheerleader's Surreal, Flawless Hair Flip


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4. Malik Jackson's First Quarter Touch Down


This was the first touchdown from a fumble recovery in over two decades.

5. T.J. Ward Just Straight-Up Can't Understand WTH the Ref is Talking About


6. Cam Newtown Chewing Gum Like the Antagonistic Jock From an '80s Teen Comedy


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7. This Terrified Ref


8. Beyoncé Almost Falls But Then Doesn't Because She's Beyoncé


9. Sad Panthers Fans


No one has ever looked this downtrodden while wearing a hipster fedora.

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