Epic Bus Explosion for Jackie Chan Movie Causes Panic in London


Onlookers were sent into a panic on Sunday morning when a double-decker bus exploded in London as a part of a stunt for an upcoming Jackie Chan movie.

Londoners tweeted their frustration, complaining that they weren't properly warned about the realistic-looking explosion, which some feared was a terrorist attack.

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"Hey, film types, next time you blow up a bus on Lambeth Bridge maybe tell us first so children in park aren't freaked?" author Sophie Kinsella tweeted.

According to People, the film crew posted warnings that the explosion would be taking place, but the large fireball that ripped off the roof of the bus could be seen from far away.

"The scale and realism of the explosion would have worried a lot of people who were quite a long way off and not able to see the film crew and cameras," Parliament member Nigel Huddleston told The Guardian. "Walking past parliament a few minutes later, some tourists clearly had no idea whether it was real or not."

The blast was especially worrisome as it stirred up memories of the 7/7 bombings in London that took 52 civilian lives on July 7, 2005. With this in mind, Huddleston tweeted a video of the explosion, letting his followers know that it was fake.

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"Anyone worried about the exploding bus on Lambeth Bridge just now?" he wrote. "It was just for a movie."

The scene was reportedly being filmed for The Foreigner, starring Chan and Pierce Brosnan.