This Is What Happens When a 'Family Feud' Contestant Doesn't Understand How to Play 'Family Feud'

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Steve Harvey really shouldn't judge anyone for saying the wrong thing on TV...

That said, there have been many rounds of Family Feud referred to as The Worst Round of Family Feud Ever. None of those were actually the worst round. This is the worst round of Family Feud that has ever been played -- mainly, because we're pretty sure Sheila of the Patterson family does not understand how to play.

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Perhaps it's not the most simple question in the world -- "Tell me another way people say mother." -- at least, not after "mom/mommy" and "mama" are on the board. The Pattersons then guess "nanny" and "nana."

And then it’s Sheila's turn. And she kind of just says "nana" again, but with a slightly different inflection. And then she guesses "mommy," which, as we stated, was already on the board.

"OK, now let me ask y'all something. Y'all crazy?" Harvey asks. "Do y'all think, really, that y'all can take all these words that's the same and just say them different 'cause you want to?"

And then Sheila guesses "mommy" again. And then she guesses "nana" again.

"This s**t can’t be happening," the stunned host says to the audience in a rare NSFW moment. "I get paid to host a show. There's too much s**t here. To the kids out there, listen to me -- we ain't gonna air this like this. We gonna cut this down to one, maybe two nanas. Two nanas and two mamas."

Anyway, remember when Harvey crowned the wrong contestant during the Miss Universe pageant? Watch Pia Wurtzbach forgive the host for his epic fail in the video below.