EXCLUSIVE: Susan Sarandon on Twitter Feud With Piers Morgan: He 'Has Way Too Much Time on His Hands'

The Oscar winner spoke to ET about the attention her cleavage-baring SAG Awards outfit received.

Susan Sarandon has an idea why Piers Morgan instigated a Twitter feud over her skin-bearing style choice at this year's SAG Awards: He “has way too much time on his hands, obviously."

The 69-year-old Oscar winner spoke with ET's Cameron Mathison at the Zoolander 2 premiere at Alice Tully Hall in New York City on Tuesday, where she opened up about the support she's received from fans after Morgan singled her out for wearing a revealing red carpet raiment.

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"I love the solidarity of women that came forward," Sarandon said, referring to the large number of women who flashed their cleavage on Twitter in support of the actress. "I was very happy that all the gals came forward."

Many women tweeted their flashing pics at Morgan as well, in an attempt to chastise the 50-year-old news commentator.

"I got a lot of positive [feedback] but I think they all sent him lots of pictures of their breasts so he must be happy too, right?" Sarandon joked.

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While Sarandon's racy style may have ruffled some feathers after the SAG awards, her outfit for the Zoolander 2 premiere was certainly different. In fact, it was unlike anything you've seen her wear in the past.

Sarandon was joined by her 23-year-old son, Miles Robbins, and together the two looked like they had been pulled straight from the insane runway shows of the Zoolander universe.

Sarandon rocked a black-and-white coat covered in a pattern of roses and skulls, while Miles wore white tights and a power blue blazer covered in My Little Pony dolls, which had been sewn straight onto the jacket.

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"Fashion is a very complicated art," Miles deadpanned. "Most people don't understand it fully."

As for Sarandon's stark ensemble, it was designed by artist Michael Garlington, who built a temple/monument at Burning Man, which is where he and Sarandon met.

The actress admitted that the wardrobe was not all the comfortable to wear, but added, "Suffering for fashion is part of the idea right? Can't be too comfortable or it's not fashion."

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Sarandon's other son, Jack Robbins, was with her the SAG Awards, where he opened up to ET about how all his friends think his mom is attractive.

"It's all we talk about, how hot my mom is," Jack said, sardonically. "Yes, love it."

Check out the video below to see more on Sarandon and Morgan's cleavage-fueled Twitter spat.

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