Beyonce's NSFW Lyric About Red Lobster Helped Boost Their Sales 33 Percent

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Either a lot of people had some reaaaaaaaally good sex this weekend or the power of Queen Bey works on seafood restaurants too.

In Beyoncé's latest surprise release, "Formation," she sings, "When he f**k me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster." Not only is that the greatest lyric ever written, but it did wonders for Red Lobster's business.

Sales were up 33 percent over the weekend for the chain, according to CNBC.

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"We are absolutely delighted with what we saw over the weekend, particularly the consumer sentiment that we saw expressed," Red Lobster's CEO, Kim Lopdrup, said. "It's clear that Beyoncé has helped create some Red Lobster fans, and we are very grateful to her for that."

Another milestone? It was the first time in the company’s history that it has trended on Twitter.

Unfortunately, they squandered that prime social media status when, hours later, the best response they could come up with to Bey's shout-out was, well, this:

You tried.

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