'Broad City' NSFW Season 3 Trailer Will Give You Unspeakable Friendship Envy

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Broad City's season three trailer has us internally singing a Rebecca Bloom number from CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: ♫ I have friends, I *definitely* have friends.... ♫

Sure... we may have friendship, but Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, who star in the Comedy Central series, clearly share something much deeper.

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Comedy Central
Comedy Central

As the trailer's title suggests, "The BFFs are back," and Abbi and Ilana's bond seems stronger than ever as they navigate life in New York City, speculate about "a gynecologist that's also a bikini waxer," and go on Grindr to see "penises within a mile of me."

Watch the hilarious, slightly NSFW trailer below.

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The show returns on Feb. 17.

The trailer teases NBA player Blake Griffin as a guest star in the new season, and as we learned back in December, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton will be making an appearance as well.

ETonline spoke with Abbi last March, who revealed that they love to cast the show's guest stars rather unconventionally.

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"I tend to like using really dramatic actors on the show that don't do a lot of comedy shows or guest stars," the 32-year-old comedian explained.

Whatever they're doing, it's working!

Watch the video below to see Kelly Ripa play drunk and high in an amazing moment from last season.