Rory Feek Has a 'Master Plan' for His Last Valentine's Day With Joey

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Rory Feek is feeling beyond blessed.

It's been a tumultuous time for him, as his wife, Joey Feek, has been living out her final days in hospice care after ending treatment for colorectal cancer in late October, but in the latest update posted to his blog on Friday, the singer is nothing but positive.

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In the post, titled "The Master Plan," Rory explains why February is extra special for the country-bluegrass duo. Joey + Rory released their latest album, Hymns That Are Important to Us, on Friday, and Rory is looking forward to hopefully spending three more important moments with his 40-year-old wife this month: Valentine's Day on Sunday, the GRAMMYs on Monday and seeing their daughter, Indiana, turn two on Wednesday.

"With the big week we have coming up, we have a little plan. But ultimately, how the plan plays out is up to God," he shared. "I woke up just before the sun came up this morning with all those things on my mind…"

While spending one more Valentine's Day with his beloved wife would be joyous enough, Rory explains that Feb. 14 holds a special meaning for the couple, as the two went on their very first date on that day in 2002.

"The horse-vet clinic Joey worked for at the time, Tennessee Equine Hospital, had a Valentines get-together for their staff and she invited me to come with her," he remembered. "That night must've gone pretty well… because two months later we were engaged and two months after that, Joey and I were married."

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"My hope this year instead is to hold her hand and take her on a 'virtual' walk down memory lane together," he continued, "with pictures and videos on my laptop. I want to take her back to where our lives first began together, and relive this beautiful journey that God has taken us on."

Rory also touched on the surprise GRAMMY nomination he and Joey received, revealing that the two have plans to watch the awards show from the comfort of their home.

"A few nights later we will again gather around Joey's bed and turn the tv-in-the-corner on and watch the Grammy Awards -- Joey's mama and daddy and her three sisters and their kids -- all of us having a big-time together," he penned. "We will smile at each other and wonder how in the world we got so blessed. How we've come so far without going anywhere at all."

Rory said that Joey has tried to talk him into attending the show in person "many, many times," but he refuses to leave her side.

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"I can't leave her. I won't," Rory explained. "I have done many foolish things and made lots of mistakes in my life, but this isn't going to be one of them. Instead, I will be sitting beside her and cheering on Little Big Town, and Blake Shelton and Charles and all the talented folks who are nominated in our category and others. It's an honor for us to just be a part of that night, it truly is."

Joey + Rory are nominated for Best Country Duo/Group Performance for "If I Needed You," against Blake Shelton and Ashley Monroe, Charles Kelley, Dierks Bentley and Eric Paslay, Brothers Osborne and Little Big Town.

"When you love country music as much as we do, to even be nominated for a Grammy for Best Duo/Group Country Vocal Performance is like winning the lottery," Rory told ET last month.

Concluding his post, Rory admitted that "Joey is very fragile right now," and though they plan on having a birthday party for little Indy, they'll have to adjust plans based on how Joey's feeling.

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"Our plan is to put streamers up around Joey's bed and move Indiana's high-chair in beside her, so Joey can be part of it," he explained. "So she can watch our little-one eat her cupcake and rip the wrapping paper off her gifts."

"Yes, I have a plan. But mine always gives way to His," Rory added. "Master plan."

Earlier this month, Shelton opened up about Joey + Rory's GRAMMYs nomination on Twitter ahead of music's biggest night.

Though the "Lonely Tonight" singer has been nominated seven times but has never actually walked away with a GRAMMY, he isn't rooting for himself this year.

When asked by a fan what he would do if he wins during the ceremony on Feb. 15, Shelton replied, "I'd LOVE to win a Grammy but honestly want to see @joeyandrory win that one."

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