EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Kiedis Says Red Hot Chili Peppers Are 'Almost Finished' With Danger Mouse-Produced Album

The singer opens up to ET about meeting Beyonce and the 10th anniversary of 'Stadium Arcadium.'

New Red Hot Chili Peppers music is on the way!

Anthony Kiedis told ET the band is "almost finished" with their next studio effort, which is being produced by Gnarls Barkley and Broken Bells alum Danger Mouse.

"It's hitting me in the right spot," Kiedis said at the DirecTV Super Saturday bash over Super Bowl weekend, where his band performed for a star-studded crowd that included Liam Hemsworth, Kate Hudson, Nick Jonas, and more.

"We're almost finished with the record, and it's been interesting and different and fun," he said. "I think we've tapped into something new working with this guy Brian [Burton], also known as Danger Mouse. ... [It's] kinda a new approach to recording and it turned out well."

The album news comes just as the band's GRAMMY-winning Stadium Arcadium is about to reach its 10th anniversary this year. Their ninth studio album was released in May of 2006.


"That's wild!" Kiedis gushed. "I have such fond memories of writing and recording that record with the boys. We were so on a roll and every day coming to practice, and 'Look! I got this part, see if you have a part for it!' Some days Chad [Smith] would play the drums and I'd just sing with Chad, and then John [Frusciante] would walk in and go, 'Don't stop doing what you're doing,' and he would plug his guitar in. We were on a roll, it was fun."

It was around this time that Kiedis also recalled randomly meeting a young Beyonce.

"She was super sweet and eating potato chips, and it stuck [in my head]. I was like, 'Who is this incredibly fine woman eating potato chips in an elevator?' It was Beyonce," he recalled. "[It was at] a show, backstage in an elevator. An awards show, maybe. She may have still been in an all-girl band, or just freshly out." (Destiny's Child formally disbanded and accepted their final awards together as a group in 2006.)

All eyes were on Beyonce and Bruno Mars during the Super Bowl 50 Pepsi Halftime Show on Sunday, where the singers joined Coldplay for a show-stopping performance. Just two years ago, it was RHCP making a scene-stealing cameo appearance during Mars' headlining halftime show for Super Bowl XLVIII.

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"Clearly, he enjoys playing the halftime," Kiedis teased Mars. "Honestly, when we had that time with him backstage with his crew and his band, they just sit around singing songs together. They're kinda in love with music, so he's found his calling. ... It's nice to recognize it in somebody else, and see that they're not just doing it for the success and the fame and the fortune -- he's just doing it because he loves it."

Even after Kiedis' bandmate, Flea, called out the NFL for forcing them to deliver "pre-recorded" instrumentals during their 2014 set, Kiedis says he'd do the show again in a heartbeat.

"I will pretty much play anywhere, anytime, whether it's a laundromat or a Super Bowl halftime performance," he said. "I like playing for three people that didn't see it coming or for 100 million that were waiting for it. So yes, I would do it again."

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