Kanye West Claims He's $53 Million in Debt, Hopes Facebook Creator Mark Zuckerberg Will Come to the Rescue

Though he's one of the most successful rappers of our time, he admits he's not immune to financial hardship.

Kanye West is bound to get on track with his finances.

The 38-year-old rapper -- who just dropped his newest album, The Life of Pablo, exclusively on Tidal and debuted his newest Yeezy Season 3 fashion collection at Madison Square Garden in New York City this week -- announced over social media that he's millions of dollars in debt.

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"I write this to you my brothers while still 53 million dollars in personal debt... Please pray we overcome... This is my true heart..." West tweeted on Saturday.

One day later, he hopped on Twitter again, this time requesting one billion dollars in funding from Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

"Mark Zuckerberg invest 1 billion dollars into Kanye West ideas," he wrote, adding, "after realizing he is the greatest living artist and greatest artist of all time."

Shocked fans immediately responded to West's tweets, writing mostly hilarious comments like, "Did your cousin ever return that f***ing laptop?", "…And I thought my student loans were bad," and "You'd probably have better luck getting Zuck's attention if you posted on Facebook."

Seeing as West is one of the most successful rappers of our time and is married to reality TV star Kim Kardashian, whose net worth is reportedly $52.5 million, according to Forbes, it's hard to believe the wealthy family isn't exempt from financial struggles. But hey, it "All Falls Down" at some point, right?

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