One Direction, Demi Lovato, Drake and More Read Hurtful (Yet Hilarious) 'Mean Tweets'

Jimmy Kimmel Live

This might be the meanest "Mean Tweets" ever!

Music's biggest stars weren't reading their fan mail on Monday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live.

After the GRAMMY Awards, everyone from Blake Shelton to Meghan Trainor read off messages from their biggest haters in a new edition of "Mean Tweets."

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"If I could choose one piece of sh** to punch in the face, it would be Blake Shelton," the country crooner recited. "F**k that bloated a**hole."

"Meghan Trainor is like if the sassy girl you used to work with at Express just randomly got a music career," the "All About That Bass" singer read.

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One Direction and Demi Lovato also had some pretty mean messages to read aloud. "OMG, Demi Lovato makes my f**king ears bleed," the pop star quoted. "STFU you talentless tw**. You're gonna give me a heart ataaaaaaaaak."

One Direction's mean tweet was also a little below the belt. "Don't understand the world's obsession with One Direction," the message begins. "What is attractive about little boys with gross hair and skinny jeans?"

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Drake wasn't too impressed with his mean tweet either. "Drake looks like a ferret with a baby afro," the rapper read.

You can't win them all!

Despite her haters, Trainor won a GRAMMY for Best New Artist on Monday night and balled happy tears the whole way through her acceptance speech. Check out this emotional moment: