Jennifer Lopez Impressively Twerks for 'Ew!' Talent Show With Jimmy Fallon

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Fresh off a new American Idol,Jennifer Lopez stopped by The Tonight Show where she geeked out (and showed off some mature dance moves) with Jimmy Fallon in his signature teen talk show sketch, "Ew!"

Fallon plays "Ew!" host Sara (with no "H," because "H’s are ew!") who's joined by her bestie, Gabby (Lopez). Rocking an amazing, fuzzy pink cat-face sweater and a ridiculous number of hair ribbons, the 46-year-old pop diva pulls off the teen look incredibly well.

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After goofing around on Snapchat and complaining about what's wrong in their lives (namely that Gabby's dad just joined Snapchat and goes by the name SnapDaddy 123), Sara suggests they have a talent show.

Sara's talent is balancing a spoon on her nose, while Gabby's talent is dancing. Sure, she's shy at first, but once Sara blasts Rihanna's hit "Work," Gabby busts out some real moves.

Ripping off her pink sweater (to reveal an equally-retro and geeky ensemble), Gabby gets down and shows off her twerking stills. Admittedly, it's a bit awkward at first (what with her character being a teen girl, and all) but there's no denying that Lopez knows how to move.

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The dance party gets interrupted when Sara's dad comes down to announce that dinner is ready (and that he's joined Snapchat).

In the end we're left with just one very important realization: J.Lo should rock neon '80s geek chic more often! She looks amazing in a kitty sweater.

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