Watch Taylor Swift Hilariously Accept an Award That Tells Off the Haters


Taylor Swift was not expecting this award!

Taylor Swift was not expecting this award!

The "Out of the Woods" singer won Best International Solo Artist at the NME Awards in England on Wednesday, but as you can see in this pre-recorded acceptance speech, the 25-year-old singer took a little while to get used to the trophy: a golden middle finger.

"I got the award in the mail and I gotta be honest with you about this," she said in the speech. "When you first open up the box, this feels a little aggressive."

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"Then you get used to it, you put in on the shelf like, you know what, I kind of like it. It’s kind of like, LOL," Taylor added. "First impressions were a little weird here, but now I understand that this is actually like a strange compliment.”

Watch the hilarious moment below.

This speech may almost be -- dare we say it -- better than the one she gave at the GRAMMYs in response to the Kanye West drama.

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Meanwhile, Kanye took a more positive tone with the feud on Thursday.

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