EXCLUSIVE: Gina Rodriguez Opens Up About 'Empowering' Latinos With Her #MovementMondays Social Media Campaign

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Gina Rodriguez is opening up about her newest passion project: #MovementMondays!

In January, the Jane the Virgin star created a weekly social-media campaign aimed at celebrating members of the Latino community who have made major impacts in their fields.

"It's me doing it to uplift and highlight and empower other Latinos," the 31-year-old recently told ET. "To send the message that there's a lot of wonderful and positive things going on in our community -- that's what we should focus on."

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Over the past few weeks, Rodriguez has used #MovementMondays to highlight big-named actors like Oscar Isaac, America Ferrera, and Eva Longoria, but the Golden Globe winner is "100 percent" open to putting the social media spotlight on anyone in the Latino community.

"It's really nice to empower the Latino actors and directors," the brunette beauty explained. "Robert Rodriguez, who I did on Monday [Feb. 8], has his own network and hired Latino directors and writers and actors."

In her inaugural post
, the Latin American actress challenged the "55 million Latinos in this country" to work together to create a more diverse Hollywood.

"At first, I was definitely trying to give information to the Latino communities," Rodriguez continued. "I think that the more that I do this, the more information and education will be given out [about] our power, and what we can do as a community when we untie together and start using our power for good. Obviously, I always think that's the best way to use it."

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The outspoken star is also encouraging her fans and followers to take part in #MovementMondays as well.

"Champion the people around you!" she exclaimed. "Champion somebody that we don’t know about. Champion an actor that you're excited about that's going to be on a new show."

"I think that we can spread positivity that way and that's the social stir that I want to stir," Rodriguez added.

Check out Gina Rodriguez's Instagram page ever Monday to see her latest inspiring #MovementMondays post about the Latino community!