Pamela Anderson Hasn't Turned Down 'Baywatch' Movie...Yet: 'I Don't Really Know How It Benefits Me'

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The Baywatch movie is currently in production, but don’t expect Pamela Anderson to be donning her signature red one-piece just yet!

In an interview with ET Canada, the 48-year-old actress admits that she was approached for a role in the movie, and while she hasn’t turned it down “completely,” she did turn down the initial offer.

Baywatch was such a huge part of my life,” she explains. “And really they're trying to do an homage. It's an honor to have them want me to be a part of it so bad.”

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Other than paying tribute to fans of the original show, Anderson admits she’s not sure how it “benefits” her to appear in the film, though she’s still considering it.

“I haven't even read the script. I have no idea what it's about,” she confesses. “They’ve mentioned some cute things, but I don’t want to give it away.”

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The former Playboy model isn’t the only star in the family these days. Her 18-year-old son, Dylan, recently appeared in Yves Saint Laurent’s video portrait series, and his 19-year-old brother, Brandon, is currently taking a year off from his studies to pursue “serious acting.”

“He’s gorgeous and a movie star and everyone believes that that’s his path,” Anderson says of her eldest son. “He’s very confident and excited about it.”

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“I have not pushed this at all on my kids,” she insists. “I really felt like I kept them out of the spotlight. They were not on any red carpets when they were young.”

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The mother of two says it was important to her that her sons -- whose father is Anderson’s ex-husband, Tommy Lee -- get an education before pursuing show business like their parents.

“I really believed my kids could do more than just be kids of celebrities who end up in the industry and feel entitled,” she explains. “When they were 18 or 19 and they started doing musicals in high school and getting all this attention, they thought, ‘We really like this business’ and I'm like, ‘Oh no, please go to university!’”

Anderson said that Dylan’s still waiting to hear back about his college applications, but she seems to be gradually accepting the fact that she has two budding superstars on her hands!

“I guess [Dylan] is a professional musician now, because YSL had to pay him for his little guitar that he did in that commercial,” she said with a smile. “[Not bad] for the first thing you ever do.”

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