Kate McKinnon Impersonates Ellen DeGeneres -- and She Has Her Dance Moves Down!


Ellen DeGeneres was a good sport about having Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon take over her talk show.

"I'm very excited because Kate McKinnon is on the show today. She impersonates me on   Saturday Night Live," DeGeneres introduced the 32-year-old comedian. "She's beautiful, charming, smart, hilarious. She's me."

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McKinnon then showed up on stage dressed identical to the 58-year-old host, and was quick to chime in on the monologue. "Oh, you're gonna do the monologue today?" DeGeneres asked.

"That's right. I'm Ellen. Scoot," McKinnon quipped before really getting into character. "I gotta tell you about something that happened last night up at the house. Portia [de Rossi] and I got a puppy and we named it Kid to make it sound like we have a kid."

McKinnon added, "Funnily enough, a kid is a baby goat. And I love baby goats! I love 'em! I love baby goats! True story, I once went on a ski vacation with a baby goat."

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DeGeneres wasn't too thrilled with the impersonation. "That's not true at all," she exclaimed.

McKinnon continued, "So anyway I'm up at the house and all of a sudden one of the kitty, kitty, kitty cats..."

DeGeneres reacted, "Okay, I never say kitty, kitty, kitty cats."

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From there, the women started dancing and it was pretty hard to tell them apart. McKinnon has those dance moves down!

The SNL star, who also impersonates Justin Bieber and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, admitted that it can be "nerve racking" to imitate people that are super famous.

"It's kind of like getting caught playing dress up in your mom's closest," she explained. "You just want to be like, 'Mommy, am I pretty? Do I look good in your clothes? Am I doing all right?'"

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