'Catfish' Co-Host Max Joseph Says He Was Cyberstalked, Tricked Into Believing His Wife Was Held Hostage

Scary situation.

Scary situation for Max Joseph.

The Catfish co-host posted a new article to Vulture on Wednesday discussing some of the downsides of his "life as a minor celebrity," one of which he says is a terrifying run-in with cyberstalkers!

"A year ago I actually got cyberstalked by someone who called me from my wife’s number and told me he was holding her hostage at my house (using my exact address)," Max writes in the story. "It was a hoax, of course."


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Still, Max says that, on the whole, being a "reality-TV-show sidekick" has generally meant he is "more likely to get stopped in San Antonio or Oakland than in New York or L.A."

"Most people who recognize me don’t even know my name," he admits. "They just yell out 'Catfish!' or 'Where’s Nev?' or sometimes just 'Nev!'"

Meanwhile, Nev -- who hosts the MTV series with Max -- is "is much better suited for celebrity," Max says.

"In his own way, he has always acted like a celebrity, even before he was famous, and now the world has simply caught up," Max adds. "There’s a certain amount of entitlement involved that I just can’t get used to."

The fifth season of Catfish premieres Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET.

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