Kim Cattrall Says Teenager Crashed Car Into Her Home: 'People Could've Been Killed'

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Kim Cattrall posted some shocking photos to her Twitter of a car accident at her home.

"A senseless 16 year old driver plowed into my home Joy Riding at 1 a.m.," the  Sex and the City star  captioned some pics of the crash that took place early Tuesday morning. "People could have been killed. You should be ashamed."

From the looks of the images, the driver slammed right into the front of Cattrall's home, causing lots of destruction. After posting the frightening images, she assured her followers that no one was harmed. "Shaken up but okay," she added. "This young girl could have killed herself, her friends, and me. Frightening."

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In another response to a follower, she noted, "No one was hurt physically. This has shaken the whole neighborhood."

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The 59-year-old actress then posted another photo of the wrecked car, and asked the organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to take notice. "@MADDOnline, at 1 a.m. Tuesday a 16-year-old driver smashed into my home," she tweeted. "How can we prevent these violating assaults?"

The organization responded: "@KimCattrall So sorry to hear this. #DrunkDriving is an epidemic we must end. #NoMoreVictims DM us your email to see if we can help."

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Cattrall tweeted to another follower that she hopes to "make this violating experience a cautionary tale to other teenagers."

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police issued a statement to ET on Thursday evening, saying, "It's not our practice to confirm or deny any investigation, especially if public safety is not involved."

Ashley Parker Angel also shared a terrifying story about an alleged drunk driver this week. The former O-Town member says his parents, Darren and Paula, were reportedly involved in a car accident on Sunday. He posted a photo on Instagram that he said "was taken just moments after my Mom was cut by the jaws of life out of her destroyed car, after being pinned down and trapped inside for over an hour."

He added, "Bottom line: this is what drunk driving looks like and not a soul alive deserves to be put through this kind of life-altering trauma due to the irresponsible and disgraceful actions of others."

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