Yoko Ono Hospitalized With 'Flu Symptoms,' Says Rep

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Yoko Ono was taken to the hospital Friday night with "flu symptoms," according to a statement from her rep.

The 83-year-old artist and musician was reportedly taken from the Dakota, where she has lived since the ‘70s, to a nearby hospital, though spokesman Elliot Mintz denied reports that Ono had suffered a stroke.

"Earlier this evening, Yoko was experiencing 'flu symptoms' and called her doctor, who suggested she go to a local hospital and get a check-up," Mintz told ET in a statement. "She did, and it was determined she was dehydrated and had the flu. She is doing fine and will probably be home tomorrow."

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Ono is a mother of two. She has a daughter, Kyoko Cox, from her marriage to producer Anthony Cox, and a son, Sean Ono Lennon, from her marriage to the Beatles star.

Sean Ono Lennon later tweeted an update on his mother's condition, writing, "Hey guys it was only rumors from press: was NOT a stroke, just dehydration/tired. She is FINE. Thank you everyone for your concern."

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Earlier this week, the musician and multimedia artist revealed “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” to Us Weekly, in which she divulged that she hasn’t had alcohol since the ‘50s and was never “into” drugs. In fact, Ono said she never even smoked until Lennon gave her a cigarette at age 34.

“People tell me I’m 83,” she wrote. “But it’s hard to believe that, because I feel 43.”

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