Kris Jenner Reacts to Kanye West Twitter Rants: 'I'll Ground Him'

The momager got pretty candid about how she felt about her son-in-laws tweets.

Kris Jenner admits that Kanye West might go a little too far sometimes when he tweets.

The 60-year-old momager
appeared on Monday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show and joked a bit about her son-in-law's recent rants. "There have been days where there should be a no tweeting law," Kris quipped before adding, "and I feel like I will ground him."

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Ellen had a suggestion that might help the 38-year-old rapper cut back on his tweets. "He should have a board," the host advised. "He should have a board of directors and then people should say, 'No, do not tweet that. That's a bad idea.' And he should listen to them."

"That's a good idea," Kris responded.

Both Ellen and Kris agreed that they liked Kanye and thought he was "great," but the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star thinks he doesn't always express himself in a way that people understand.

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Kris gave the example of a recent rant when he said he was millions in debt. "When he was like, 'Oh, I am $53 million in debt,' what he was trying to say was that what he's done to spend on his clothing line over the last 15 or 20 years or whatever it's been."

Further defending Kanye, the reality star added, "But it comes out not exactly the right way and people get it misconstrued through the media and then its complicated."

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Ellen responded, "I think when you see somebody who's very, very wealthy like Kanye asking for a GoFundMe page, I think a lot of people here would like to have a GoFundMe page to pay for their stuff."

Kris also spoke to ET about Kanye ahead of his widely publicized Yeezus Season 3 fashion show at Madison Square Garden in New York City earlier this month. "He's so talented, and he's got such a great vision," she gushed. "He's such an amazing force of creation when he's in the studio, and he's doing -- not the music studio, which is also another whole side of him that's so amazing with his new album, and everything else going on -- but how he creates clothing."

She added, "That whole process is fascinating to me, because he's really got just a great perspective on fashion, and I am very inspired by that."

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