Whoopi Goldberg Says Mistaken Oprah Tweet Might Have Been Worse: They Could Have Compared Me to an 'Orangutan'

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Whoopi Goldberg is unbothered by being mistaken for Oprah Winfrey.

The 60-year-old comedian reacted on Monday's The View to a beauty magazine mistakenly referring to her as Oprah Winfrey in a tweet before the 2016 Oscars, essentially saying that being compared to Lady O is not the worst thing that could happen.

"They could have used an orangutan and said, 'Hey, an orangutan has a new tattoo,'" she said on the program.

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Whoopi said as much to ET after the Oscars, telling us she "could be compared to a lot worse people."

"As long as she's not pissed, I'm fine," she added, acknowledging Oprah's reaction, which was essentially a 'WTF' look, provided courtesy of the media mogul's best friend, Gayle King, on Instagram.

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Total Beauty, the site behind the mishap, apologized afterward, tweeting, "We'd like to apologize to Oprah and Whoopi, as well as everyone we've offended. It was our error, and there are no excuses. We're sorry."

Watch the video below.