EXCLUSIVE: How Ben Higgins Explained Being in Love With Two Women to His Fiancee

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Ben Higgins might have told both   Lauren B. and JoJo that he loved them during Monday's The Bachelor, but when he spoke to ET, he insisted that he's now a one-woman man.

"I am happily in love with one, and its' going to stay that way for the rest of my life," gushed the 27-year-old reality star, who also confirmed his engagement. "There's not a question in my mind."

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While Higgins seemed torn over his strong feelings for two women on the ABC reality show, he ultimately came to choose his future wife. "I was in love with two women, but I knew I couldn't say goodbye to the woman that I was with in the end," Higgins shared, adding that he explained the situation "right away" with his fiancee. "I needed to share with her my feelings were confusing at times, but I never doubted our relationship."


He added, "It took me thinking about who I couldn't say goodbye to for the rest of my life to really make that decision, and it was her."

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As for how he explained being in love with two women to his future bride, Higgins said that's something he addressed "right away."

"We're a team now, and teams communicate, they have to, even in situations that are tough and difficult," he explained. "I had to communicate with her, and she's been supportive and loving and caring. Understanding it’s not always easy, right? We've put her through hell and back sometimes, but she's never ceased to love me and support me through it. That's why we're standing here today, and I am so excited."

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Higgins and his fiancee are keeping their relationship quiet until the final rose ceremony airs on March 14, but the groom-to-be says their love has only grown since getting engaged.

"I would get married tomorrow if that was the right and wise decision for us to make as a couple," he explained. "I don't think it is. Like I said, I want to show her off. I want to date her well. I want to love on her in public. I want people to see our relationship and see how well it's going."

That being said, Higgins added that marriage is very much part of their plans. "I don't want to push off a wedding. I don't think she does," he said. "My life is committed to one person and I'm excited about that commitment."

Next Monday, Higgins will confront the eliminated contestants on ABC's The Bachelor: Women Tell All.

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