Tina Fey Talks Meeting Caitlyn Jenner at the Oscars, Leonardo DiCaprio and the 'Mean Girls' Musical

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Tina Fey isn't afraid to call out the "Hollywood bullsh*t."

The Whiskey Tango Foxtrot actress appeared on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show and revealed all the behind-the-scenes gossip from Sunday night's Oscars, including her best celebrity sighting: Caitlyn Jenner.

"I was trying so hard to have a moment with her. I was trying to make eye contact. I was like, 'Caitlyn Jenner!'" Fey recalled. "She was not having me. Not on purpose, but she had just come in and you could tell she was like, 'I am the biggest deal in here, and who wants to know it?' And she looked fantastic."

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Here are some other highlights from Fey's candid interview:

On "Hollywood bullsh*t" at the Oscars:
 "Halfway through, I was like, this is some real Hollywood bullsh*t," she said with a laugh. "Everyone's telling me what to do, and it was people yelling at me about rape and corporate greed, but really it's climate change. I was like, 'Guys, pick a lane.' Like, we're going to fix everything tonight? Also, you're all rich. Why are you yelling at me about corporate greed?"

On Leonardo DiCaprio:
Despite calling out the B.S., Fey said she supports DiCaprio using his acceptance speech to bring awareness to the environment. "I always am psyched when someone is articulate about those things," she explained. "Because, let's face it, actors are very stupid, and a lot of times when you let them talk, oof."

She also weighed in on whether the actor's Rolodex of models is sexist. "Is it misogynistic to sleep with a bunch of women who want to sleep with you? No." Fey said. "I don't think it's misogynistic. I think everybody there is up for it. I think also, because he's still cute. When he's 50 and they're still 18..."

On the star-studded Vanity Fair after party: "
I'm such small potatoes at that thing," Fey claimed. "It's a crazy party when you look around and you're like, 'Here's someone normal I can talk to. Selena Gomez.' ... She's a nice girl. We share a makeup artist sometimes, that's why we look so much alike."

The 30 Rock star said she didn't bring up Justin Bieber though. "No, you got to play it cool," she noted.

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On the Mean Girls musical:
Fey confirmed the song-and-dance adaptation is very much still in the works. She also admitted to having minor regret over not being somehow involved in the straight-to-DVD, Mean Girls 2.

"Part of me is like, 'I don’t know why I didn't just try to do Mean Girls 2.' Everyone does it,” she told Stern, admitting she's seen "part" of the sequel. "I think the only thing I thought when I watched it was, 'Oh, Tim Meadows did it!' If I had known Tim was doing it, I would have done a pass on it for him and tried to give him more jokes."

On refusing to do nudity: "
I shouldn't say, but someone did ask me to do a play. It was a really good play with a really good actor, and I was like, 'Oh, that could be cool.' And then I opened it and it was a play where you have to be naked," Fey explained. "I said, 'Man, I’m out.' Could you imagine, in an uncontrolled environment like the theater? Hell no."

The 45-year-old actress claimed she "missed the window" on doing onscreen nudity, but told a funny story about a red carpet outfit malfunction. "I had a nip slip at the Emmys a couple years ago," she recalled. "Really, really minor. I found out about it, because my mom called me the next day. She said, 'I saw your nip slip!'"

On reviving her Sarah Palin impression:
 "I felt like I had to start over and relearn it, like a new impression. Because she's different. She’s a little jacked up," Fey said of returning to Saturday Night Live. "Is she drinking a lot of Red Bull? She's really pumped up."

As for who she will be voting for this election, she wouldn't say outright, but did admit, "You could probably do the math on it and figure out."

Plus, Jennifer Garner recently paid Fey a compliment in her Vanity Fair tell-all. Find out how Fey responded exclusively to ET in the video below.