Nina Simone's Family Slams Zoe Saldana Over Biopic Controversy

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The Simone estate took the actress to task after she quoted the iconic singer on Twitter.

While Zoe Saldana has come out in defense of her controversial portrayal of Nina Simone in the upcoming biopic Nina, it appears the singer's estate isn't having it.

Saldana, who is of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent -- has taken a lot of heat for her role in the film, where she appears to have darkened her skin to play the iconic singer.

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Saldana responded to critics with a quote from Simone herself, tweeting, "'I'll tell you what freedom is to me- No Fear... I mean really, no fear.'"

The verified Twitter account of the Simone estate was quick to snap back at the 37-year-old actress, replying, ""Cool story but please take Nina's name out of your mouth. For the rest of your life."

Simone's daughter, Lisa Simone Kelly, has been critical of the decision to cast Saldana to play her mother since the news was first announced in 2012.

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On Wednesday, after slamming Saldana's comment quoting Simone, the estate's Twitter account posted a message about how "painful" the casting choice is.

"Hopefully people begin to understand this is painful. Gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, nauseating, soul-crushing," the tweet read. "It shall pass, but for now..."

Saldana has not yet responded to the Simone estate's Twitter comments. Nina hits theaters on April 22.

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