Foo Fighters Respond to Breakup Rumors With the Perfect Nick Lachey-Infused Video

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#SorryNotSorry, but this rock band isn't going anywhere.

Is it time to say goodbye to the Foo Fighters? Not so fast…

Following frontman Dave Grohl's gorgeous solo rendition of The Beatles' "Blackbird" for the Oscars' In Memoriam, rumors started swirling that the rock band was taking an indefinite hiatus.

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In typical Foo style, the group didn't simply put out a statement denying to deny the false news -- they put together a seven-minute YouTube video (in less than one week!) that featured a cameo from Nick Lachey.

Yes, that Nick Lachey of the boy band 98 Degrees. And it's perfection.

The video starts off with a series of headlines flashing across the screen as dramatic music plays, before cutting to a seemingly frustrated Taylor Hawkins (Foo's drummer) telling a reporter, "We don't not want to hang out with each other but we need a break."

Grohl then discusses how wonderful his Oscars performance was, a sign that he should "find himself and be me" and allow the other guys -- Hawkins, guitarist Chris Shiflett, rhythm guitarist Pat Smear and bassist Nate Mendel -- to be free.

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As Grohl plays the keyboard with one finger to make "hip" new music, a song titled "Phony Baloney," the rest of the band decides to hold a group meeting to find a new lead singer. Their list includes Liam Gallagher, Diplo, Drake and Justin Beiber, but ultimately, only one guy is perfect for the job: Lachey.

It is delightful and just the most Foo thing you could possibly watch:

Lachey doesn't do the worst job singing "Everlong," eh? Especially if you were always wondering what Foo Fighters would sound like with a pop remix! (You weren't, were you...)

But it's the all-caps message at the end of the video is truly the best part: "For the millionth time, we're not breaking up. And nobody's going f**king solo!"


The Foo Fighters have a long history of finding the funny, including with their now-iconic music vids for "Big Me," "Everlong" and "Learn to Fly." If you've never seen them spoof old school Mentos commercials, please do yourself a favor and watch this 1995 classic:

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Here's to stalking iTunes until we can buy "Phony Baloney." Because it's beautiful.

Grohl is kind of the king of awesome -- watch him perform on a Game of Thrones-style chair due to a broken leg in the video below.