EXCLUSIVE: Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Babysitting Blue Ivy, Co-Parenting With Chris Martin: 'It's Working for Us'

The Goop guru opens up to ET about her children, Apple and Moses, beauty secrets, and her new skincare line.

Gwyneth Paltrow is a woman of many hats: Actress, mother, lifestyle guru...and babysitter?!

The 43-year-old Goop founder sat down with ET on Friday to discuss her new organic skincare line, and we had to ask her about watching over Blue Ivy Carter -- like she did at the Super Bowl while her ex, Chris Martin, was performing with Beyoncé.

"It's really funny. It's like my kids' dad and Blue's mom are always doing these incredible, mind-boggling things and I'm always with the kids and the snack bag and baby wipes and juice boxes," Paltrow told ET. "So, that’s pretty much how that is these days."

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Though Paltrow and the Coldplay frontman consciously uncoupled in 2014, they have remained on good terms with one another in the years since as they co-parent their two children, 11-year-old Apple and 9-year-old Moses.

"You have to constantly let go," she revealed of the secret to joint parenting post-divorce. "You have to let go of old ideas, old resentments. You have to put the kids first, which I think people have the idea of that, but then oftentimes, you struggle with it."

Paltrow also says it's important to focus on the big picture.

"If you once loved the person enough to have kids with them, you have to focus on what you still love about them and what's beautiful about them and all the good aspects of your relationship," she said. "You still want a family, you're just not in a couple. So, I acknowledge we've done it in an unorthodox way but it's working for us."

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It helps that the former couple has great kids, as Paltrow proudly tells us that Apple and Moses "have good heads on their shoulders."

"They're really polite and they have a lot of empathy," she explained. "I hope that it'll just continue that way. They definitely have a unique life experience, so it's our job to keep them as grounded as we can."

In fact, it was her daughter who inspired Paltrow's venture into the makeup and skincare world.

"Apple is obsessed with makeup," the Goop guru revealed. "She watches YouTube videos and tutorials, which is why I've gotten serious about trying to participate in non-toxic makeup and personal care. I was hoping to create a line of products that were as effective as they were safe. And luxurious as they were effective."

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As for her own beauty regimen which keeps her looking so flawless, Paltrow says that it's "easy." Her secrets are probably exactly what you'd expect from her -- along with a few surprises. Like booze!

"My skincare routine since I finished these products about six months ago has been my complete Goop skincare regimen along with exercise," she said. "I try to have good nutrition. I also believe in vodka and red wine and cheese and stuff. It’s all about the balance, being happy."

That said, Paltrow claims she feels no pressure to look young.

"I feel like I’ve earned my wrinkles, and I’m very proud of everything that I’ve gone through in life, both good and bad," she added. "The mistakes I’ve made and learned from, the wonderful things that have happened, the successes, the not-so-wonderful things..."

"I don't want to be 26. I would never want to go back there ever for a million years," Paltrow concluded. "I think what we want to do is look our best as we age gracefully."

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