EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Garner Reveals the 'Miracle' That Helped Get Her Back to Church

The actress revealed how 'Miracles From Heaven' helped reconnect her with her faith.

Jennifer Garner is getting reconnected to her faith.

The Miracles From Heaven star spoke to ET on Friday about how she’s applied lessons from the film to her off-camera life.

"I grew up going to church every Sunday," the 43-year-old actress explained. "Doing this film and being around people where church was normal, more normal than it is in Los Angeles.

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"It kind of just made me think, 'I've got to get on this,'" she continued. "So I talked to my kids, and they said, "Of course we're ready to go.' I said, 'OK, we'll go Sunday! It's been a really nice thing for my family."

Interestingly, even though the film had a spiritual effect on her family, Garner was initially reluctant to take the role because filming would keep her away her three children, Violet, Seraphina and Benjamin.

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Garner revealed that while she felt “compelled to tell this story,” it was the support she received from one of her daughters that helped seal the deal. "She said, 'Mom, it's really your turn,” the mom-of-three explained. “We'll be OK. You should do it!'"

"I really feel compelled to tell this story," she added. noting that she got a little support from her daughter. "She said, 'Mom, it's really your turn. We'll be OK, you should do it!'"

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The support from her family was what really helped Garner completely dive in to the film. "You can't half way do anything," she said. "If you’re going to do something, you have to do it."

"You can't half way do anything," she said. "If you’re going to do something, you have to do it."

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Miracles From Heaven is out Mar. 16.

Meanwhile, Garner recently commented on her divorce from Ben Affleck for the first time in Vanity Fair. Watch the video below to find out the biggest revelations.

Watch the video below for the biggest revelations.

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