EXCLUSIVE: Amy Duggar and Dillon King are Moving to a New House: 'It's a Fixer Upper'


Amy (Duggar) King and her husband, Dillon King, are headed to a new home.

The 29-year-old former 19 Kids and Counting star told ET on Monday that the couple is moving into a 2-bed, 2-bath home in Fayetteville, Arkasnas owned by her grandmother, saying, "Grandma is going to be landlord!"

"It has huge bay windows, walk-in closets, and a big kitchen. It's a fixer-upper," Amy revealed.

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"It's an older home, so it definitely needs to be brought up-to-date," she added. "It'll be so fun!"

Amy explained that the up-sizing is long overdue. "Right now, our little apartment doesn’t have a dishwasher or washer/dryer, so this will be such a nice change," she said. "Dillon actually moved into my apartment, so we have been living in a super girly, floral-designed home."

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Amy and Dillon King

"We want this to be the house all of our friends go to and spent time on a Friday night," Amy continued.

The two will be move into their new home during the first week of April, which is perfect timing, as Dillon's birthday is on April 3. In fact, Amy is calling the home "Dillon's birthday present."

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The couple has high hopes for the house, and it's hard to doubt them since they already seem to have one kitchen problem figured out. The Duggar cousin posted a meme to Instagram for National Cereal Day on Monday with the caption, "Our marriage works because Dill is lactose intolerant. He doesn't bother my cereal or my milk and it's glorious."

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There you go!

This isn't the first big change Amy and Dillon have gone through this year. Last month, they got matching tattoos, which you can see in the video below.