Indio Downey's Felony Cocaine Possession Conviction Dismissed: 'I Hope to Be an Inspiration'

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Indio Downey's felony cocaine possession conviction was dismissed on Tuesday after he successfully completed a 20-month rehab program.

The 22-year-old son of Robert Downey Jr. appeared in a Los Angeles courthouse on Tuesday, clad in a navy blue suit, where he talked about the experience.

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"Your honor, I would like to say I am truly grateful for the experience I have had over the past 20 months in recovery," Indio said, addressing Judge Lauren Weis Birnstein. "I've gained so much. I'm so blessed to have my life back. I hope to be an inspiration to others in the future."

After the judge dismissed Indio's cocaine possession conviction, calling out "his very successful completion of his program," Indio hugged his lawyer in the hallway.

Indio's famous father was not in court on Tuesday, but the Iron Man actor was present in court to support his son in September 2014, when Indio pleaded guilty to one felony count of cocaine possession. Indio was arrested in West Hollywood, California on June 29, 2014 -- after a traffic stop and investigation near the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and La Cienega, in which he was a passenger in the car -- and charged with felony drug possession.

Downey Jr., of course, is no stranger to trouble with the law. The 50-year-old actor famously struggled with substance abuse in the '90s, landing him in both rehab and jail on multiple occasions. He now maintains that he's been drug-free since 2003.

"Unfortunately there's a genetic component to addiction and Indio has likely inherited it," Downey Jr. said in a statement to ET after his son's arrest. "Also, there is a lot of family support and understanding, and we're all determined to rally behind him and help him become the man he's capable of being. We're grateful to the Sheriff's Department for their intervention, and believe Indio can be another recovery success story instead of a cautionary tale."

Indio is Downey Jr.'s son with his ex-wife, actress/singer Deborah Falconer. Their divorce was finalized in April 2004, after nearly 12 years together.

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Last December, Downey Jr. was officially pardoned for a 1996 drug conviction by California Governor Jerry Brown. The then 31-year-old actor was arrested in Los Angeles after authorities found heroin, cocaine, and a pistol in his car. After violating his parole for that arrest, Downey spent nearly a year in prison.

“By completion of his sentence and good conduct in the community of his residence since his release, Robert John Downey, Jr. has paid his debt to society and earned a full and unconditional pardon,” the pardon reads.

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