Jacob Tremblay Goes to Work With His Hot Dad, Is the Cutest Cop Ever


Jacob Tremblay's latest role is pretty darn adorable.

The 9-year-old Room star accompanied his dad, Jason Tremblay, to work at the Vancouver Police Department on Monday, wearing a pair of killer aviator sunglasses and happily eating doughnuts with the squad.

"I always bring my Dad to my work, but today I went to his!!!" Jacob Instagrammed.

... TOO cute.

EXCLUSIVE: Jacob Tremblay Jokes About His Parents' Newfound Fame - 'My Mom Calls My Dad 'Hot Dad''

Jason, a police detective in Vancouver, became an Internet phenomenon in his own right in January, when everyone pretty much lost their mind over how attractive he is.

And it turns out Jacob's mom, Christina, is just as good-looking.

Jacob described his parents as "a little bit shy" when ET caught up with him at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in late January.

"They just laugh about it," Jacob said about all the attention. "It's kinda funny, 'cause now my mom calls my dad, 'Hot Dad.'"

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ET also chatted with Jason last month at the Oscars red carpet, when he admitted that getting dubbed the "hot dad" isn't the worst thing in the world.

"I was sitting at the Golden Globes and my phone started going crazy," Jason recalled. "I checked it on commercial break and it was family, friends and a lot of co-workers from work giving me a hard time. But it's all in fun…It's not a bad thing to be called!"

But Christina had an even better response.

"I wasn't surprised," she chimed in. "That's why I married him, right?"

Watch their sweet responses below!