Selena Gomez Gets Kissed by Eager Fan Upon Arriving in London

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One of Selena Gomez's fans got a little too close for comfort on Thursday.

Upon arriving at King’s Cross St. Pancras tube station in London, the 23-year-old star was greeted by an over eager male admirer. The fan attempted to kiss her as he snapped a selfie, but Gomez was able to turn her head from him, only receiving a big smooch on the cheek.

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Gomez had just arrived to the city after spending several days in Paris, where she attended the city’s fashion week events.

In addition to the unwarranted kiss, Gomez was also seen holding a bouquet of flowers, presumably from one of the many fans that met her at the train station.


The "Good For You" singer's London outfit -- which included comfy white sneakers, a white T-shirt and black pants --  was a lot more casual than what she was rocking during Paris Fashion Week.

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Prior to her slipping into her cozy travel wear, Gomez was showing some serious skin. On Wednesday in Paris, she wore a sexy sheer black gown to the Louis Vuitton Dinner Party, and the day before, she put her cleavage and legs on display in a scantily-clad (yet classy) black dress.

Gown or no gown, Gomez also seems to look amazing -- and clearly her fans would agree.

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