Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel and Josh Gad Have an Adorable 'Frozen' Reunion For a Good Cause


The 'Frozen' co-stars turned out to entertain at a charity event on Sunday.

Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel made the world a brighter place when they came together for a very special Frozen mini-reunion.

The on-screen sisters -- who portray Anna and Elsa in the Disney classic -- teamed up to sing a few beloved songs from their Disney classic during a charity benefit for Menzel's A Broader Way Foundation on Sunday morning.

The actresses' co-star Josh Gad -- who voices the role of Olaf the snowman -- also joined in on the fun. The trio took a moment snap a quick pic, which Gad posted to Instagram.

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"Team #Frozen back together again," he captioned the fun photo. "Love these girls!"

Gad also shared a short clip of Bell belting out a few lines of "More Than Just the Spare," a deleted song from Frozen.

"I mean who sounds like this at 10 AM?!!!" Gad captioned the awesome video.

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More than anything, this gathering of icons has gotten us even more excited for the upcoming Frozen sequel!

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