Caitlyn Jenner Calls Ex-Wife Kris 'a Very Powerful Woman,' Defends Donald Trump

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Caitlyn Jenner found inspiration in her ex-wife, Kris Jenner.

The new season of I Am Cait centers on Caitlyn and her group of friends -- including latest recruit, 18-year-old Ella Giselle -- traveling around the country on a bus, providing plenty of time for honest conversations...and very, err, passionate debates.

In last night's episode, the 66-year-old motivational speaker mentioned Kris after asking, "To each person in this room who's had to work very, very hard to be the woman that they are, what does it mean to you to be a woman?"

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"You know, I think for me, being a woman is being powerful and being aware of your power," Transparent producer Zackary Drucker replied.

Caitlyn said the response was "interesting" because, as she explained, "A lot of people don't understand, 'Why would you ever transition from the strong, powerful person that a male is into a weak female?'"

"That's the people's perspective, I don't believe that. I mean, I've watched Kris, who's a very powerful woman, and she knew how to play the game," she added.

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Tensions also ran high as the ladies discussed the election. Caitlyn, who previously came out in support of conservative Ted Cruz, reaffirmed that, "Just because I'm a woman now doesn't make me all of a sudden liberal."

Now, she's defending Donald Trump as "very good" for women's issues.

"I'm not a big fan. Because of his macho attitude, I think he would have a hard time with women, when he doesn’t even realize it," Caitlyn began, before she clarified, "It doesn't mean that he wouldn't be good for women's issues. I think he would be very good for women's issues."

"I don't think he’s out there to destroy women or take things away or do any of that stuff," she added.

She also doubled down on dissing Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

"I would never, ever, ever vote for Hillary. We're done. If Hillary were to become president, the country is over," she ranted, calling the presidential hopeful a "f**king liar" and a "political hack."

Meanwhile, Kris recently said Caitlyn's interest in dating men is "confusing." Find out what else the reality star had to say in the video below.