LL Cool J Retires and then Immediately Unretires, Announces New Music in 'Hilarious Rant'

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LL Cool J had us scared for a minute.

The 48-year-old rapper appeared to announce his retirement from music on Monday, tweeting and then subsequently deleting, "Today I officially retired from music. Thank you for the love."

However, it was all revealed to be a joke, with the NCIS: LA actor tweeting shortly after, "Just kidding yall.. I'm not dropping an album... lol focused on my current endeavors.. but that was a hilarious rant.."

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"Today I'm officially coming out of retirement. And starting a new album," he continued. "Studio time is set for 8pm.. I'm gonna massacre the rap game!!!"

LL then boasted the reach on a Facebook post he shared announcing he was in the studio with Dr. Dre, writing, "Numbers don't lie."

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"Oh because I've been doing this a long time I can't have fun with this twitter game," the rapper joked in a followup tweet.

Have your fun, LL!
Last year, LL reminisced about his music career to ET thirty years after the release of his debut album, Radio.

Watch the video below.