'Bachelor' Winner Lauren Bushnell Says She Already Has Fiance Ben Higgins 'Trained,' But Does Have One Complai

The couple also imply that they may have already had it out over JoJo Fletcher.

Now that Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins are out in the open about their engagement, The Bachelor couple are getting accustomed to one another's quirks.

After re-proposing to Bushnell on Monday's The Bachelor: After the Final Rose live show, Higgins and his bride-to-be showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss what they've learned about each other while they've been in hiding over the past couple of months.

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"Ben is a very heavy breather out of his mouth. Like a very heavy mouth breather," Bushnell, 25, shared. "I have big lungs so it takes a lot to fill them up," Higgins said in his defense.

The 27-year-old reality star added, "I like to pray for us before we go to bed. It's something we like to do. We need a lot of prayer right now. And the other night she stops me and goes, 'Can you not pray so loud?'"

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The Bachelor
also revealed what he didn't know about Bushnell until after the filming of the ABC series. "She loves to sleep in, and I'm up at like 7:30 every morning," he disclosed. "But Lauren will sleep in until like 10 o'clock, and if I try to wake her up to like hang out... it's not happening."

Bushnell added that him waking her up is no longer an issue for the couple because she's "trained him."

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Prior to proposing to Bushnell on The Bachelor season finale, Higgins was adamant up until nearly the very end that he was in love with two women. Kimmel insisted that the newly engaged couple needs to "have it out" before it puts a wedge between them.

"It might of already happened," Higgins admitted. Bushnell added, "Yeah, it may or may not have already happened."

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Kimmel responded, "You have to work through that stuff. ...My advice is get it over with, talk about it. Don't let it stew for 18 months."

Higgins told ET that he did explain
to Bushnell how he was able to seemingly be in love with two women. "I had to communicate with her, and she's been supportive and loving and caring," he said. "Understanding it's not always easy, right? We've put her through hell and back sometimes, but she's never ceased to love me and support me through it. That's why we're standing here today, and I am so excited."

It's been quite the whirlwind for Higgins and Bushnell, who jetted off to New York City after their Kimmel appearance. The happy couple kissed for the cameras upon arriving to LAX late Monday night.

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