EXCLUSIVE: Inside Big Ang's Emotional Posthumous Appearance on 'Mob Wives' Reunion

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A month after the death of 55-year-old Angela "Big Ang" Raiola,   Mob Wivespaid tribute to the reality star by airing her final appearance on the show's Wednesday reunion episode.

Big Ang visited her castmates in The Final Sitdown of the VH1 show, and was praised for looking "sexy," "very healthy" and "frickin' damn good" in her black outfit and short blonde pixie cut. The show shared a message at the start of the episode, reading: "The Final Sitdown is dedicated to Angela 'Big Ang' Raiola and was taped two weeks prior to her passing."

Prior to Big Ang's posthumous episode airing, her daughter, Raquel Scotto, spoke with ET about her mother's final appearance on the show. "They called me and they said, 'You know, do you think she can do this?' I said, 'I think she needs to do this,'" Scotto recalled. "I said, 'She's sitting in this house, she's so depressed. I think this is the best thing.'"

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Big Ang's daughter added that she "forced" her mother to attend the reunion, and had her try on some outfits. "She did great, and she felt so good, you know, that day," Scotto recalled.

Big Ang's estranged husband, Neil Murphy, also told ET that his wife had come from "chemo a couple days before" the taping, but still hung out with her castmates after filming the reunion. "She went out with the girls, probably for a couple drinks, which she wasn’t supposed to be doing, but she didn't listen," he said. "I think she went out to a steak dinner with the girls, to a steak house after the reunion."

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On The Final Sitdown, Big Ang assured the ladies that she "felt better," and was adamant about fighting her stage 4 cancer. "Don't forget, we've still got to go out, when I feel good," she told Carla Facciolo.

"We are, just call me," Facciolo replied. "Love you."

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Big Ang reminisced with the women about first getting cast for Mob Wives in its second season. She admitted that she thought, "I can't do that, I can't talk in front of people. I'm nervous!"

"I was told, 'If you do that show I'll never talk to you again, you'll look like a fool,'" Big Ang recalled. "I'm like, ''Well I'm doing it, I don't care what you say, mind your business.'"

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Karen Gravano touted that Big Ang "changed the whole dynamic" of the reality show, as she became "a peacemaker" among the women.

Gravano added that the fights on Mob Wives seemed so trivial after Big Ang's diagnosis. "It's kinda embarrassing that we're sitting her arguing over stupid things -- fake and phony -- and battling over things when you're battling for your life," she said. "We've come so far and we've talked about all the fights, all the animosity, all the aggression, all the stress, but we didn't really talk about the biggest fight that's going on here, and that's Ang's life."