Juan Pablo Galavis Says He Might Join JoJo Fletcher's Season of 'The Bachelorette': 'She Cute'

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Perhaps you haven't seen the last of controversial Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis.

Galavis -- who's been dubbed the "worst Bachelor ever" by some fans due to his antics on season 18 -- recently expressed his admiration for new Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher.

... And he even teased that he might have to "sign up again" to compete for the 25-year-old real estate developer's heart.

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"I have READ so MANY good things about JoJo in the past WEEKS that if she is the NEXT bachelorette, I MIGHT have to sign up AGAIN..." Galavis tweeted on Monday, the night of the Bachelor finale. "I am #TeamJoJo and I have only SEEN her in like 20 pictures on my TWITTER... #SheCute."

Of course, season 20 star Ben Higgins ended up picking 25-year-old flight attendant Lauren Bushnell over Fletcher in the finale, and Fletcher was announced as the next Bachelorette, leaving the door potentially open for Galavis.

Galavis, 35, split from girlfriend Nikki Ferrell in October 2014. Prior to the breakup, the couple appeared on VH1's Couples Therapy, in which the former pro soccer player continued to spark fan outrage by refusing to say "I love you" to Ferrell, even nine months after their season of The Bachelor aired.

Galavis poked fun at that particular controversy on Monday, when a fan called out Higgins for saying "I love you" to both Bushnell and Fletcher.

@JuanPaGalavis at least if you told her [Fletcher] you loved her, we would all know you truly meant it," one fan tweeted at him, to which he replied, "Yeap," with a thumps up emoji.

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In March 2014, host Chris Harrison talked to ET about the reasons why some longtime fans of the hit ABC show gave Galavis the title of "worst Bachelor ever."

"The end goal of our show is to end up with a couple, and I felt like, wow after all of this, we did it -- we have a couple who loves each other -- but he just wouldn't give, and he just won't, and I don't know why," a clearly frustrated Harrison said about the handsome father of one. "I don't know where all the anger, and all the angst, or reservations come from, I don't know ... throughout it, I feel like he was his own worst enemy."

"He really tried to control the situation, and it's a situation that you can not control," he added. "To have it work, you really have to give up yourself to this thing. ... He couldn't get there. And from the beginning ... he would try to say things and do things off-camera, and it was like, 'Well if you're that worried about it, why are you doing this?' And this is early-on -- we're talking week one."

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