'Miracles From Heaven' Star Queen Latifah on How Her Brother's Death Challenged Her Faith

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Queen Latifah opened up to ET about how faith helped get her through the darkest time in her life.

The Miracles From Heaven star lost her older brother, Lance, in a motorcycle accident 24 years ago. Latifah had given him the bike two months prior.

The 46-year-old actress told ET that she was so depressed after Lance's death, she couldn't even make a fist because she had lost strength in her hands.

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"Being someone who grew up in church and went to Catholic school, I had faith, but I questioned a whole lot of things," she explained. "I questioned God. I needed to understand why would this happen."

As time passed, Latifah found hope.

"I would get these little messages clear as day, as if someone said it to me: 'Don't throw it all away. You're going to get through this,'" Latifah said. "I literally heard that sentence come to me through the haze of alcohol. Now, that wasn't me saying it to me, because I didn't feel that way, but I feel like that was God's way of saying, 'Don't throw it away.'"

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Now, Latifah is appears in the faith-based movie, Miracles From Heaven. In the movie, Jennifer Garner stars as Christy, a mom who becomes a ferocious advocate for her daughter, Anna (Kylie Rogers), when the 10-year-old is diagnosed with a rare, incurable disease. Their lives are forever changed when an extraordinary medical miracle unfolds, leaving specialists baffled and a community inspired.

Miracles From Heaven is in theaters now.