EXCLUSIVE: 'Hamilton' Bar Staff Gush About Amy Schumer's Epic $1,000 Tip: 'My Heart Dropped'

Sara Laursen and Madeline DeJohn spoke to ET about how the actress and comedian 'made their week.'

Amy Schumer is not throwing away her shot, but she is leaving her bartenders a generous tip.

While taking in the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton, with boyfriend Ben Hanish and some friends over the weekend, the 34-year-old comedian left an epic $1,000 tip on a $77 bill.

NEWS: Amy Schumer Makes 'Hamilton' Bartenders’ Day With $1,000 Tip!

“They said that Amy wants to make sure you got this tip,” bar captain Sara Laursen told ET of receiving the generous gratuity. “It was $1000. My heart dropped… I was just blown away.”

Laursen revealed that it was Hanish who ordered the group’s drinks -- three double wines and a Sam Adams according to the bartender -- and delivered the tab on Schumer’s behalf.

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“I was like ‘Are you enjoying the show?’ and he goes, ‘Of course.’ He was super nice and that's when he gave me the tip -- and that's beyond nice,” she recalled. “Hopefully one day we can pay it forward.”

Bartender Madeline DeJohn, who previously received a generous tip from Schumer the last time she saw the show, also sang the actress’ praises. “She did this. She grew up bartending and supporting herself before she made it big, and I think if she were in our places, she would appreciate it just as much,” DeJohn told ET. “It made our night. It made our week.”

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